Meet Sweet Lucy

Melissa (Armstrong) Wright
Owner / Cake Pop Artist

My memories of being in the kitchen started early in life.  I remember watching my grandfather (who called me Lucy) for hours as he baked his coconut cream pies and making candies and chocolate treats.  I have fond memories of that time with my grandfather and as an adult I have found great comfort baking treats with my daughter.

I never thought that I would end up the Cake Pop Diva of Northern Kentucky.  I came from the world of advertising in the Cincinnati area and baking was an escape mechanism for me.  I would come home frazzled and stressed and found that baking took me to a land where my creativity was only limited by my imagination.

How did I make that jump from the Agency world to becoming the cake pop lady?  It was not the straightest of paths but I know that I can credit Cable television for planting and nurturing the baker inside of me.  I would watch hours of cake shows like “Cake Boss”, “Ultimate Cake Off” and my personal favorite “Amazing Wedding Cakes” (where they kind of show you how they design and build the cakes – and my momma said that I wouldn’t learn anything from the TV – huh!).

All too soon the day came where the stress just got too much and so I resigned from the agency and became a stay at home mom. This was a tough transition for me as I didn’t know what my next step should be so I baked. Then I baked some more . . .

Then one of my favorite cousins (yes, we all have favorites) was getting married and they needed a wedding cake – I of course said, “well heck yeah, I can make one for you!” I never even considering that I had never had any formal training at that point. The day came closer and closer and I had ideas running through my mind but no idea of how to actually make it come to fruition.  So I baked . . . and watched You-Tube tutorials and got my first 3 tier wedding cake covered in fondant and stacked. I had to say that I was quite proud until I got to decorate. I was amazed at what I could do with practice and patience.

So here I am, forty-ish and discovering new territory.  Life is a journey and I have no regrets, I’m gonna just keep baking!